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What’s better than winning awards?
Delivering profitable digital projects!

Your Problems

Most agencies sell and inspire digital better than they deliver. Sound familiar?

“We need a fixed price execution on digital projects in order to stay competitive”

Sales & Profitability Problems

  • “We lack expertise and a proven portfolio to offer our clients digital services to increase our business”
  • “We need someone to help us put together a technical proposal to win digital projects”
  • “We don’t have anyone in-house to assess the risks and complexities of a digital project in order to price it correctly”
  • “Contractors we hired from recruiters are not producing results in a timely fashion which is eroding our project margins”

“Our creative team introduced design changes that exceeded development budget and schedule”

Delivery Problems

  • “Our developers are spinning in circles due to lack of requirements or ambiguous requirements for digital work”
  • “Our digital solutions are suffering from quality issues across multiple browser platforms and mobile devices”
  • “We can’t keep up with the rapid and tight project schedule to meet client deadlines to align with their marketing campaigns”
  • “We need someone to rescue our digital project—fast!”

“We don’t have the right skills on staff to complete our digital project”

Resourcing Problems

  • “We need someone yesterday in order to complete our project on time”
  • “It takes too long to hire contractors to ramp up quickly to start projects”
  • “We need a partner that can help cover spikes in our unpredictable project pipeline”

“I need to help a client pick the right technology platform for a project”

Technology Problems

  • “Our existing digital solution stopped working as expected. What do we do?”
  • “Where do we host our digital solutions to ensure 24/7 x 365 operations”
  • “We don’t know how to apply enhancements to an existing digital solution”
  • “Can our digital solution handle traffic spikes if we send out an email blast?”

Our Solutions

We offer white label digital solutions, working invisibly to forward your brand with your clients. We don’t sell hours, we deliver results and take ownership of your success with your clients.



Also: Pimcore, Amazon, Square, Stripe, Authorize.NET, Digital River, Chargify, Chargebee

We offer end to end platform expertise in Magento and Shopify, including integrations with 3rd party systems to fully automate your business. Included optimizations to increase average order size and conversions rates from visitors to customers. Support and maintenance services ensure stores are running 24/7.

Content Management Systems

Drupal 8

Also: OrchardCMS, Ektron, Sitefinity, DotNetNuke

Expertise in a variety of CMS platforms covering .NET and Open Source technologies. Development of content templates, taxonomies and metadata schemas, content migration and quality assurance. Content creation, editing, maintenance and optimizations for search are also available.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Contests & Sweepstakes
Facebook Campaigns
Twitter Campaigns
Conversion Optimization

Also: Instagram, Pinterest, Google Analytics, Omniture, Dashboards

Support marketing campaigns through the use of Microsites, Contests and Sweepstakes, Social Media engagement and Newsletter outreach with the focus on user Acquisition, Activation and Retention and Referrals. Included the ability to track and measure across all channels to ensure marketing objectives are met.

Custom Websites and Solutions

Microsoft .NET
Mean Stack JS

Also: MS SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services

Create unique experiences only possible through fully customized web solutions from the ground up. Responsive to work across all browsers and operating systems. API development to unlock your data and integrate with other systems to expand reach. Includes support for ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Apple iOS
Windows Phone

Also: Apache Cordova, Adobe PhoneGap

Develop mobile apps once that work across iOS, Android and Windows. We ensure mobile apps are tested across the best coverage for your markets and drive the distribution of the application in the various app stores. Measurement and monetization services are also included as part of the go to market strategy.

Project Rescue & Stabilization

Project Guidance
Project Stabilization
Code Audit
Project Rescue

Project Guidance, Project Stabilization, Code Audit, Project Rescue

Digital project spiraling out of control? We offer process audits, design audits, code audits and introductions to tools and best practices to get you out of your tailspin. We put together a plan of attack and execute changes which can get you back on track in as little as two weeks.

Have some problems we can help solve?

Our Services

You hang your reputation on the line every time you take on Digital projects due to its complex nature and the myriad of activities and deliverables needed to be successful. You need someone who has been through similar situations countless times in order to deliver quality work, meet deadlines and keep projects profitable.

Here is how we help Agencies execute Digital right the first time.

Win New Business

  • Discovery process
  • Proposal Support
  • Digital and technology estimation
  • Pitch meetings
  • CTO representation


  • User experience design (UCD)
  • Wireframing, sitemaps and information architecture
  • Persona and customer journeys
  • Creative mockups & style guides
  • Usability testing

Strategy, Planning & Direction

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Requirements gathering, analysis and specifications
  • Digital and technology strategy
  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Metrics definition, measurement & analysis


  • Technology platform selection
  • Technology architecture & design
  • Pixel perfect front-end development
  • Development for web services and database systems
  • Technology Audit for existing system


  • Hosting platform evaluations and recommendations
  • Application support and maintenance post-launch
  • Production monitoring, backups and recovery
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure Cloud Hosting

Quality Assurance

  • Develop testing strategy and plan
  • Develop test cases
  • Cross platform, browser and device test execution
  • Performance, load and stress testing
  • Testing automation


  • Start to end project ownership and delivery to capture profit margins
  • Alignment of design with technology budget
  • Converting wireframes & mockups into digital specifications
  • Coordination with third party technology vendors
  • Project rescue to turn around failed projects


  • Alignment of the right skill sets on your projects
  • Turning back time to staff your projects yesterday
  • Resourcing continuity between project start/stops
  • Resourcing coverage to handle your project spikes

We empower Agencies

Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Digital, Creative, Content, Design & Ideas studios, Interactive, SEO/SEM, Public Relations, Retail

We partner with agencies looking to accelerate and ensure profitable digital engagements whilst growing and sustaining their digital footprint in the industry.

We are the go-to execution team for agencies looking to deliver digital solutions.

“Northcloud is awesome. They delivered stuff on time and under budget, and provided very detailed documentation and process to keep everything running smoothly.”

Dennis Matthews

Director of Technology

“Northcloud is awesome. They delivered stuff on time and under budget, and provided very detailed documentation and process to keep everything running smoothly.”

Erlich Smith

President & CEO

“Northcloud is awesome. They delivered stuff on time and under budget, and provided very detailed documentation and process to keep everything running smoothly.

Kerwin Duncan

Director of Technology

“Northcloud is awesome. They delivered stuff on time and under budget, and provided very detailed documentation and process to keep everything running smoothly.”

Peter Stewart

Digital Designer

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